• My Favorite Clown

    09/04/2022 by

    I had a lot of fun painting this clown. I worked from a plain photograph of Francis and, using an image of Red Skeleton, converted him into a hobo type clown. I have some photos that I want to do the same thing to, but of my grandsons, not hobos, but clowns. But that is… Read more

  • Santa’s Got Color

    09/21/2020 by

    I painted the sculpture of Santa that I did a while back. I was nervous about painting him, because I never did it before. I bought some Golden Fluid acrylic paints because my daughter recommended them. Being liquid, I don’t have to add water to get it to spread and I don’t want a thick… Read more

  • Still Clowning Around

    06/29/2022 by

    I am done with this one. I’m liking how he turned out. I have a second one in progress that has more of a hobo feel to it. I can’t wait to share it with you! I still need to study him for a few days before I share it.

  • Bring in the Clowns!

    06/19/2022 by

    Last week I was working on clowns. I took a photo of my friend, changed his coloring, added a bow tie and a red nose to remake him into a clown. The first painting was a failure. There were many things I liked about it, but the more I painted the worse it got. I’m… Read more

  • Barns was the theme for our Zoom with June paint along

    06/04/2022 by

    On the 27th of May we painted together, remotely. If I haven’t mentioned this earlier, this is something I have been doing since the start of the year. Joining my friends from the Lakeside Palette Club of St Clair Shores. We call it ‘Zoom with June’, that’s me! The pandemic required us to do things… Read more

  • I didn’t win, but one of my paintings sold!

    05/16/2022 by

    After an enjoyable day of painting, I was invited to join other artists, and guests, at the Ford House reception. The party was supposed to be in the Rose Garden, but moved to a tent due to the threat of rain. It was very nice, though I think the Garden would have been fantastic! The… Read more

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