• My Favorite Clown

    09/04/2022 by

    I had a lot of fun painting this clown. I worked from a plain photograph of Francis and, using an image of Red Skeleton, converted him into a hobo type clown. I have some photos that I want to do the same thing to, but of my grandsons, not hobos, but clowns. But that is… Read more

  • Santa’s Got Color

    09/21/2020 by

    I painted the sculpture of Santa that I did a while back. I was nervous about painting him, because I never did it before. I bought some Golden Fluid acrylic paints because my daughter recommended them. Being liquid, I don’t have to add water to get it to spread and I don’t want a thick… Read more

  • Lunar Eclipse

    12/20/2022 by

    This is a watercolor painting on Hot Press 140 lb paper. I took a photo of my grandson looking up at the visor light in my car. I combined that with the photos I took of the lunar eclipse and ended up with a story. My grandson was not with me at 5:30 am during… Read more

  • Cat in the leaves

    10/29/2022 by

    I get together, via zoom, with a group of artists to paint. We have an inspirational theme to guide us. This week we did Autumn Leaves. I was bored with my leaves. They were colorful, but they were just a pile of leaves. I decided to hide a cat amongst the leaves.

  • Still Clowning Around

    06/29/2022 by

    I am done with this one. I’m liking how he turned out. I have a second one in progress that has more of a hobo feel to it. I can’t wait to share it with you! I still need to study him for a few days before I share it.

  • Bring in the Clowns!

    06/19/2022 by

    Last week I was working on clowns. I took a photo of my friend, changed his coloring, added a bow tie and a red nose to remake him into a clown. The first painting was a failure. There were many things I liked about it, but the more I painted the worse it got. I’m… Read more

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