• Santa’s Got Color

    09/21/2020 by

    I painted the sculpture of Santa that I did a while back. I was nervous about painting him, because I never did it before. I bought some Golden Fluid acrylic paints because my daughter recommended them. Being liquid, I don’t have to add water to get it to spread and I don’t want a thick… Read more

  • Working on another sculpture

    10/14/2020 by

    Not done yet, but I made some real progress at the studio yesterday. I think she looks like she might be having a bad day. I am going to correct some of her proportions next, but possibly not all of them. I like how she is melted onto the floor.

  • Getting ready for Christmas

    09/01/2020 by

    I feel like Santa just sat down for a rest after a busy day of getting toys ready to go on his sleigh . I finished him today. He will need a coat of paint to bring out his rosy cheeks and famous red suit. I haven’t painted any of my sculptures yet. I need… Read more

  • Still Sculpting!

    08/13/2020 by

    Meet Clarabelle! I finished my second sculpture. I made a little gnome woman to go with my little gnome man. I hope they don’t get wrecked when I start painting them. I’ll be practicing painting techniques before I start, so hopefully that won’t happen.

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