About June Nash

I love drawing and painting, writing poetry, and carving wood. It relaxes me.  My art is a reflection of my life, interests and feelings.

I am inspired by learning new things, constantly trying to improve my knowledge and skills.  I love seeing subjects come alive out of a blank canvas, piece of paper, or stick of wood.

Why do I do it?  It is fun!


I am self taught, to the degree any of us are self taught.  I have taken various classes through the years, watched videos, and read books.


Writing poetry, started at twelve
After that, dared not delve
Compared myself to my peers
My confidence lagged. . . for years

Mine were trite, all concealing.
Theirs deep, too revealing.
Sensitive, fragile, I was then,
would not put my heart to pen.

Today tales I have a lot
Too old to care if out they got.
Living with flair, have full life.
Time to share internal strife.

June Nash


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10 thoughts on “About June Nash

  1. Awesome poem about poetry, encapsulated the emotions of it beautifully.
    It is also wonderful to see the marvelous self-portrait on this page too. That’s something I’m neither brave nor skilled enough to do yet…


    • Thank you! I was offered this award several months ago, but I was very busy and, even though I intended to accept it, time passed. I am honored that you feel me worthy of this award. I will accept, and do my best to carry it on.


    • Thanks! I used a program called Sketch Book Express on my Apple computer. It gives you various brushes to work with. I painted it using those brushes, controlling it with my touch pad.
      I’m glad you liked it!


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