A poem

When at yoga class, the instructor mentioned, this being lent, that everyone, Christian and non Christian alike, may like to take the opportunity to improve oneself.  I thought that doing a bit a yoga every day would be good for me.  It is something I have been wanting to do.  I realized, as I wasted the rest of my day playing solitaire on the computer, that what I need to do is give up playing solitaire also.

I decided to write a poem about playing solitaire on the computer.  It is called:


Solitaire, why do I play?

To keep me from a frown

When caught on a busy day,

And my mind won’t shut down?

Why do I find solace

In Klondike or Freecell?

Does it help time to pass

Causing thoughts not to dwell?

Is loneliness the why?

Playing a game or two?

That can’t be, says I

As I play, I ignore you!

–                – June Nash

5 thoughts on “A poem

  1. Hello June, I decided to start at the beginning of your wonderful poems and eventually, read through to the present. I like the variety of your ideas and topics and your unique voice. Thanks for sharing!


    • Wow! I’m flattered! It makes me feel good when someone tells me they like what I write. I only recently started writing poetry. Well, it’s been over a year now, but that is recent to me. I can’t remember what got me started, but I am loving it!


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