A poem

When at yoga class, the instructor mentioned, this being lent, that everyone, Christian and non Christian alike, may like to take the opportunity to improve oneself.  I thought that doing a bit a yoga every day would be good for me.  It is something I have been wanting to do.  I realized, as I wasted the rest of my day playing solitaire on the computer, that what I need to do is give up playing solitaire also.

I decided to write a poem about playing solitaire on the computer.  It is called:


Solitaire, why do I play?

To keep me from a frown

When caught on a busy day,

And my mind won’t shut down?

Why do I find solace

In Klondike or Freecell?

Does it help time to pass

Causing thoughts not to dwell?

Is loneliness the why?

Playing a game or two?

That can’t be, says I

As I play, I ignore you!

–                – June Nash

5 responses to “A poem”

  1. Hello June, I decided to start at the beginning of your wonderful poems and eventually, read through to the present. I like the variety of your ideas and topics and your unique voice. Thanks for sharing!


    1. gigglinggranny Avatar

      Wow! I’m flattered! It makes me feel good when someone tells me they like what I write. I only recently started writing poetry. Well, it’s been over a year now, but that is recent to me. I can’t remember what got me started, but I am loving it!


  2. I appreciated your intriguing writing. brilliant stuff


  3. I appreciated your helpful site. good stuff


  4. I love your poem. You should definitely post more!


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