Poem on Writing Poetry

I started writing poetry with pen and ink.  I recently found that I prefer using my computer.

I enjoy writing poetry.  I find it, not just soothing, but a compulsion.

One day I sat down to write a poem on subject, but stopped before I got any further than the first verse, I changed topic and wrote this poem instead.

Writing Poetry

I will work, not on prose.

I will use my PC.

It’s easy to compose

When I can press a key.

I added some tables

Alongside ev’ry verse

It tracks the sylables

I can work in reverse.

Once my thoughts are written,

I go back once again.

This time I will stricken

Words to wordy, not plain.

I find topics of which,

Relate to my passions,

And will make my heart twitch.

These paths I may latch on.

Once I have my topic

I  just type as I please.

I sometime feel dope-ic

But my tensions do ease

For poetry, it soothes,

for me, to write, you see.

If you it also moves,

It too, will please me.

–                   – June Nash

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