Poem-Boss Hitting on Me Again

This was inspired by an actual event.  I think this is a topic many women may be able to relate to.  If it didn’t happen to you personally, maybe you know someone who has experienced a similar situation.  Maybe this will help explain why these victims tend to try dealing with it on their own.

Boss Hitting On Me Again

My boss hit on me again today

It makes me want to hide, run away.

I’m afraid I don’t know what to say.

It is illegal we both know it’s true

But if I squeal what am I to do?

Of my job, if I tell, it is through.

So far, it’s limit is words and such.

Even so, it irritates me much.

Cringe to even imagine his touch.

Even if I keep my position,

What is this type of work condition

That I would be putting myself in

After I report him for his sin.

–                            –  June Nash

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