Poem: Reflection on Image


In my minds eye, I look great.  It isn’t until I see a photograph of myself, or look in the mirror that I see my true reflection.  I prefer to see myself in my minds eye.  Even so, I don’t run from cameras, and I don’t remove all mirrors from my home.    Sometime the photo or mirror shows me I should change my hair style or outfit, but if it is something that cannot be changed, then I try to accept myself for who I am.

Reflection on Image

Ponder face, mirrors reflection.

Love of self, have great affection.

Face image with hesitation.

Looking glass is too revealing.

Wish these flaws to be concealing.

Capture face on camera lens.

Forward movement of time suspends.

Same face, never transcends.

Do not care for recent snap shot.

Reminders of looks, I like not.

Rather browse through old ones I’ve got.

Photograph is too revealing,

Under study, need concealing

Upon further reflection of late,

Maybe I could without hate,

Upon these reflections relate.

Images of self revealing.

Opportunity for healing.

Ponder face, mirrors reflection.

Love of self, have great affection.

To any flaw, make correction.

If correction an option not,

If concealer not remove spot,

Accept myself for what I’ve got.

–                 – June Nash

One response to “Poem: Reflection on Image”

  1. I love reading your poems.


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