Poem: Roar



Room of ten people assemble.

One not, like others, resemble.

Looks or viewpoints not the same.

One must endure, rejection, pain.


Confusion around the issue.

Differences, tears, need tissue.

One needs determination

To deal with discrimination.


Group of nine, only two or three

Ridicule or disdain, not me.

Loud ones, only, being heard.

Blaming the rest, it is absurd.


Not all, who fall in groups, the same.

Negative traits of few to blame.

Reputation, causes fear,

Defense, ignorance to draw near.


Same story, different group this time.

Loud minority group adds grime.

Expressing views, cutting core.

Silent majority DO ROAR!

–                    – June Nash

One response to “Poem: Roar”

  1. Connie C. Khan Avatar
    Connie C. Khan

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