Poem on Abortion Legislation

Abortion Solution


What is the purpose, please explain,

Law makers, are they going insane?

Abortion laws not solution.

Look to problem resolution.


The answer have, I do not claim.

For this problem we’re all to blame.

Fight, you must, if to find the cure

To fix the woes young must endure.


So stop war on women with child.

Ease their life, try to make it mild.

This ease of mind will help her lean

More to the world as you have seen.


Passing laws is not the way best,

Forcing your will upon the rest.

Gentle persuasion is the glue

To pushing through your points of view

–                               – June Nash

Making abortions illegal does not stop them, they just make them more dangerous.  Women who are desperate will find a way.

I was inspired to write this poem after reading a post on Poetic Satire’s blog


One response to “Poem on Abortion Legislation”

  1. Great poem! I’m glad you liked mine and thank you for linking to my blog!


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