Poem on Motel Stay

Motel Hell


Bad week. . . .heck! Whole month was hell!

Get away, budget motel.

No hair dryer, no shampoo.

Bar soap on hair, drip dry do.

Will not let that make me blue,

A plan, I have, to get through.

Gone all day, walk around town.

Tired now, need to lie down.


Park outside door, use my key.

The damn thing won’t work for me.


Nice man work on lock half hour.

Truth is, my mood turning sour.

Says master key works just fine.

Patience snaps!  Bite tongue of mine!


Silence. . . Workman not cause plight,

Stinking motel, isn’t right.

What should I do, what to try?

What to do?. . . .tears come to eye. . .

–                            – June Nash

One response to “Poem on Motel Stay”

  1. Hopefully there’s no bed bugs, lol.


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