Poem about: The Curse of Carrying a Purse

Curse of the Purse

On women all, there is a curse,

To be compelled to carry purse.

For husbands and kids, lug around

A huge suit case, we are so bound.

Carrying toys, or maybe tools.

Are we helpful, or stupid fools?


Though easy for muggers to grab,

Fashion without them seems so drab.

Often we try to downsize bag.

If carry wallets, pants will sag.

Maybe a clutch, will do the trick.

Problem here, only holds lipstick.


Being pursed is not bad enough.

We curse our selves, carrying stuff!

A lighter load will help our backs

Getting away from toting sacks.

Taking our girl scout oaths to heart,

Always be prepared, we must part.

–                               –  June Nash

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