Poem about Happy Birthday to Me


Turning 60, or is it 59.

There is a birthday and I think it’s mine.

I’ll celebrate, party, have a great time.

Don’t send condolences in a letter.

I like my age, every year gets better!

Glad not return behind the ears wetter.

Of advantages I can think of three.

Anywhere, with confidence, wander free

Nothing, any more, seems to bother me.

Faces or names, never could remember.

Of an excused group I am now member.

Doused, my memory, a burning ember.

No longer must I work 40 hours.

I have a choice, read, relax, tend flowers,

Or see the world.  This freedom empowers.

When it is my birthday, I shall opine

This day is not dark, I am feeling fine.

Let’s celebrate, party, have a great time.

–                             – June Nash

This is a repost from an earlier date.  Since it is my birthday weekend, I decided to post it again.

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