Poem about the first of June – a bit of humor

Uno de Junio


June the 1st is the day which I claim.

Uno de Junio, ‘cause June’s my name.

Twas May 5th, that the idea came.


For June 1st, it’s about having fun.

A day about me, a twist I spun.

Junio de uno, I’m number one!

–                        – June Nash

Sitting around with friends on Cinco de Mayo, we started joking about a holiday in June.  Since I am June, we declared June 1st as my personal holiday. . . just for fun!

2 responses to “Poem about the first of June – a bit of humor”

  1. Happy Uno de Junio, Junio de Uno!


    1. gigglinggranny Avatar

      Thank you! :)
      And a happy Uno de Junio to you also! LOL!


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