Poem about Rewarding Self

The Cottage


Lakeside cottage, damp, musty.

Since last use, very dusty.

Spiders crawl, webs are spinning.

Mice abound, control winning.


Deck covered with dried up leaves.

Low branched trees are touching eaves.

Grass long, in need of a mow.

Boat in water, good to go.

Don’t want work all day at chores.

Rather start fire, eat s’mores.

Want to take boat out fishing.

For this break I’ve been wishing.


Open windows, air out house,

Put out traps, catch a mouse.

Cutting lawn, only hour takes.

This done, time for leisure makes.

As child, folks made me work

At chores, wouldn’t let me shirk.

As reward, to me, they’d give

Leisure time to swim, play, live

This lesson they taught to me

Helped as adult, me to see,

Hard work having it’s rewards

In the pleasure it affords.


For a couple hours worked hard

Hung up hammock in the yard

In breeze, as I gently swing

Think to this credence I’ll cling.

–                         – June Nash

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