Poem: Precious Fruits

Precious Fruits

To sit upon an easy chair,

Feet propped up in relaxing air.

Surrounding self with sweet music,

Family photos, or feel good flick.


Exercise hard, until worn out,

Then to relax, drink a cold stout.

Converse with friends, maybe play games.

When things go wrong, no body blames.


To engage mind, counterpoints vie,

Learning new things that I may try.

Perhaps travel to venues new,

Thinking of things which I may do.


Working wonders with my own hand.

Eating the foods which I have canned.

Cooking grand feasts, inviting friends.

My pleasure chests, they have no ends.


To me, this is a life lived rich.

To find a role that is my niche.

Uncluttered by other pursuits.

These things to me, are precious fruits.

–                            – June Nash

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