Poem about Freedom

Freedom Rings

Freedom I have, freedom I glean
From leaders, upon whom I lean.
Freedom to do, speak as I please,
As long as them I do appease.
Freedom at work, to help my boss
Without this job, my house’d be loss.
Freedom to drive a car, or not.
Freedom to pay, for it, a lot.
Freedom to own a million things
Or do they own me, freedom rings.

Freedom to quit job, house sell off.
Freedom to live, where others scoff.
Freedom to wander off alone.
Freedom to live not in own home.
Freedom to come, go, as I see
Seeing what it means to be free.
Scavenge off land, learn to survive
Freedom is hard work I derive.
Free from toils, never the point
Band together, make a better joint.

Not to drop out of society,
‘Cause that isn’t my cup of tea.’
Pick leaders whom I could follow.
Be free to stand up, shout, bellow.
Praise what is right, things that I love.
For those that reek, pull off my gloves.
I’m free to write, get out, protest.
Balk about those things I detest.
Fight for freedom at any cost,
Or stay still, while freedom is lost.

June Nash

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