Poem about Dealing With Bad Coworkers

Work Sucks

Work sucks when coworkers slack

Leaving you breaking your back.

Not their attitude, but yours

Is key to calm inner wars.

Notice, some will, that you smile

And hard worker all the while.

Cannot change other’s actions,

They’ll keep up their distractions.

Enjoy your work, ignore the slight.

Not worth it, starting a fight.

Smile at your peer even though

He’s a nasty so and so.

Eventually you will find

To each other can be kind.


Work sucks when in angry mood.

Must endure, not sulk and brood.

Think about what makes you glad

Soon you will not feel so bad.

Whistle a tune, hum a song,

Other’s may follow along.

Make the tasks seem as though play.

Quickly by, will go your day.

Cannot change other’s actions.

Yours you can make attractions.

Reward pleasantries with smile

May change them after a while.

If still aggravations play,

Ignore them. . . they’ll go away.

 June Nash

Ever have coworkers whose attitudes make your job more difficult?  What do you do about it?  Do you get angry and sulk all day?  Or do you ignore the offenders, realizing that you have no control over their actions.  Do you make the best of your situation and find joy where you can find it? 

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