Poem: Calls Nightly

Calls Nightly

He calls nightly, without fail,

‘Cept sometimes, but what the hell.

I call him, on occasion,

Don’t talk long, curt evasion.

My leisure he interrupts

When his Call Ringer erupts.

Make time, his call is welcome.

When my turn, made feel lonesome.

Like, call from me, not wanted.

Wish to call again daunted.

Leaves relationship haunted

When his control is wonted.

Why call nightly without fail

If cannot make time avail?

When my call his plans abort

He tends to cut exchange short.

Shall I cut him off next time

When interrupts interests mine?

Not a course I choose to follow.

This act would leave me hollow.

Rather he not call at all,

Except for ‘need to talk’ call.

Then both would know importance.

Free to talk, would have balance.

Keep it short, lest long have need,

So that hurt feelings will cede.

June Nash

What do you think of a man who calls nightly. . . well, most of the time.  He says he welcomes your calls, but. . . when you call he doesn’t have time to talk.   I have heard this complaint from friends and acquaintances through the years.  When was the last time it happened to you?  

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