Poem: Family Tree

Family Tree

Researching my family tree,

Finding wondrous discovery.

One cousin hung for steeling horse.

‘Nother became a judge of course.


Meeting now, cousins still alive.

This part helping to feed my drive.

Scan documents from long ago,

This takes time, making progress slow.


Pour through documents, read entries

Of history spanning centuries.

Learning of my ancestral kin,

Explains the giddy mood I’m in.


Plan to travel, to see the land,

Where great uncle, for gold, once panned.

Next voyage, will be with eyes new,

Seeing places from which I grew.

 June Nash


I have always had an interest in my family’s history, but only recently have taken the time to get actively involved. At this point, I am only gathering information that others have already dug up.  I am meeting relatives I thought long lost to me.  It is an exciting adventure.  As I was scanning documents onto my computer I wrote this poem: Family Tree.  

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