Poem about a Lazy Morning

Day Off

Lazing about at a quarter ‘til noon.

Still in pajamas, I should get dressed soon.

Exhausted from week of tasks and toil.

Need a break from life lived at full boil.


No reason to dress, or hop in shower.

Time is right, to while away the hour.

No one is expected, at door, to call.

Time to work, fiercely, at nothing at all.


Pick up a book, experience pleasure.

Read of pirates and their buried treasure.

Return to soft bed, though it is barely noon.

Rise up again, not to sun, but to moon.

Lazy thoughts are brief, not long on my mind,

Morning of rest, all that’s needed, I find.

I jump in the shower, throw on some clothes,

Set sail on new course, go where the wind blows.

 June Nash


I was lazing about on the morning of writing this poem. Feelings of laziness were fleeting.  Caffeine finally kicked in.

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