Poem about My Soft Addiction

Soft Addiction

Solitaire is my escape

When life tastes of sour grape.

Also play when bored, restless,

Overcome with loneliness.


To smooth edge, could use liquor,

Or drugs, that may work quicker.

Addiction, mine, is not same.

Could get help if drugs were bane.


Though not dire, still a problem.

Soft monkeys, need to stop them.

At the risk of being rash,

Threw program into the trash.

 June Nash


Some people drown their worries in liquor or drugs.  I escape with computer solitaire.

It’s called a soft addiction.  I have been able to break away from it for periods of time, but I end up returning.  I can’t help myself.  

There are support groups for people addicted to drugs and alcohol.  Soft addictions need to be tackled alone.  

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