Poem: Awarded


Received an award, make it two.

Good, but now I have things to do.

Conditions come with this blessing.

I’ll tell here, no need for guessing.

First, to donor, I must give thanks,

This blogger upon heart string yanks.

To Sofie, thanks, Green Cheata too.

A little late, but late must do.

Next, of self, secrets must reveal

Or, of feelings, unknown can spill.

Lastly, fun part, must pay forward

To bloggers, seven, give award.

June Nash

I was nominated for an award by Green Cheata in July.  The award was called the ‘Tell Me About Yourself Award’.  I didn’t have the time to follow up, but I had always intended to.  

I was nominated again just recently by Sofie’s Diary.  The award name changed.  It is now called ‘Very Inspiring Blogger Award’.  The rules changed also. Now the nominations are to 15 bloggers.

Personally I think giving 7 nominations is better.  Give too many and the honor tends to become diluted.

Here are my 7 nominations:

The Rules, stated clearly so you don’t have to decipher them from the poem:  

#1 Thank the person who nominated you.

#2  List 7 things about yourself you haven’t shared.

#3 Nominate 7 Bloggers

As for my secrets, those will have be to told on my next blog entry, for I have run out of time.

7 responses to “Poem: Awarded”

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  2. Congratulations! Well done ;)


    1. Thank you. I am just happy someone actually reads what I write. Getting the award is something I did not expect. :)


      1. We thank you for the love and support!! Be great where you are…


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