Poem: Add Some Color, Final Secret

Add Some Color

To paint a picture, which turns heads,

Must add color, yellows and reds.

Bringing, often, life to meadows,

Or a dale, full of gray shadows.

Writing a story which turns heads

Requires, too, a splash of reds.

Some blue and black truths can be told

But add some jive to make it bold.


Stories told true often will bore,

And it is true, fibs, I abhor,

So, to keep tales from being dry,

I must confess, often I lie.

June Nash

My final secret is, I don’t always tell the truth.  I write to be entertaining.  I draw on the truth, but truth doesn’t always fit.  Sometime a small fib here and there adds the needed punch I am looking for.  

I find writing poetry, and the poetic license that comes with it, liberating.  

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