Poem: Welcome Santa

Welcome Santa

Morning parade starts the day.

Welcome Santa, won’t you stay?

Stay a month, ‘til end of year.

Help us forget, days draw drear.

We’ll start the season with feast

And praise the first snowy beast.

Cheer with every snow flake fall.

Thanksgiving Day starts it all.

Eagerness for special day

When under tree gifts you lay.

Help us forget days turn cold,

As brisk winter winds unfold.


Stay with us ‘til Christmas night.

After that, we will be alright.

Tired from parties and fun,

We’ll stay inside ‘til winter’s done.

June Nash

The days are getting colder, but we have too much on our minds this time of year to be worrying about the weather.  Today is Thanksgiving.  In just a few weeks it will be Christmas.  We have a lot to do before it gets here.  By the time it is all done, winter will have settled in and we will be used to it.  Some of us will start our indoor projects that we have been putting off all summer because the weather was too nice to stay indoors.  I have a pile of needle work projects that I am already starting on.  


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