Poem: Search For Self

Search For Self

I spent my years learning how to fit in.

One day got lost, midst the media’s spin.

Whirling around, my brain learning by rote,

Not real thinking, my mind would gently float.

Others know best, they are experts you see.

They know it all, know what’s best for me.


One day I woke, the dream starting to clear.

Realized the truth, from it, started to veer.

Those so called pros, influencing my life.

Instead of help, they are increasing strife.

It’s time I learn to do my own thinking.

To self be true, from action stop shrinking.


Find my true self, this task is not easy.

Changing my ways, leaves me feeling queasy.

Stop and listen, a grumbling is growing.

It is my quest, to know what I’m knowing.

Something inside want’s to run and be free.

I ask myself, ‘What’s it like to be me?’.

June Nash

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