Poem: Burden of Life

Burden of Life

Carrying burden of life in bucket.

Spilled once, maybe twice, yet did not chuck it.

Friend found to help me carry loads heavy.

Able, at last, to hold bucket steady.

Added whims and dreams, reinforced with fun,

Stirred in hope and love, then ‘fore we were done

Started a family. Then pail sprung a leak.

Bucket’s a burden, remedy must seek.


Found fun had leaked out, but love still survived

Patched hole in bucket, love for life revived.

Carrying burden of life in bucket

Spilled once, maybe twice, still did not chuck it.

June Nash

One response to “Poem: Burden of Life”

  1. Enjoyed this, June. Thanks for your inspiring attitude of persevering against the odds. It’s well worth it in the end, I’m sure, not necessarily for any anticipated reward at the end but for the experience of the journey.


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