Poem: Embers of Passion

Embers of Passion

embers burning, deep inside

embers burn, fire must hide

gurgling like hot lava deep

find a way, passion to keep


feelings tied up, they’re not free

pressures pressing upon me

care too much, must learn to cope

dousing truth’s embers with hope


Turn off news. don’t like to hear!

Fate of this world I hold dear.

Terrible news drives me mad!

Do not focus, on the bad.


hope facade, but feelings true

can’t control what others do

learn to cope, be in control

fire burning, play a role


proactively setting course

above reproach, no remorse

work hard, keep embers alive

control environs I strive


Do not tell me what to do.

How I should act, who are you?

Don’t criticize my actions.

Look at own imperfections.


above reproach, actions take

a life of perfections make

not because I am so great

but for rebukes to abate


passions bound, will not set free

learned to cope with being me

care too much, need close my eyes

hiding where fantasm lies.

June Nash

4 responses to “Poem: Embers of Passion”

  1. What inspired you to write this, June? It sounds like an impassioned plea.


    1. Impassioned plea. I like that! Makes me sound good!

      True confession here: Generally, when I write my poetry, I start off down a path, then make a U-turn, ending up someplace unexpected. The written word, doesn’t always reflect my conscious thought. It comes from some place else.

      This is not a plea, more accurately it is the story of me revealed.
      How I keep my passions banked.

      I am an optimist. I do not believe the world is as bad as we are told.
      I also do not feel the experts know what is best any better than the rest of us.
      Maybe I am living in my own little fantasy land, but I like living in denial.


      1. We can’t really trust all the “experts” the media puts out before us these days, can we? Especially not if the media and the “experts” pockets are stuffed by special interest groups and protectionist industries. We have to rely on our own research and trusted sources. We also have to rely on our sunny dispositions to get us through all this muck and travesty. :-)


        1. So true


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