Poem: Multitasking One Thing at a Time

Multitasking One Thing at a Time

I am a multitasker, been so since my teens.

It was hard at first, but waitress must-have it seems.

This talent came in handy, when job later changed,

Did not ask, juggled tasks, no matter how arranged.

One day I got married and had a kid, then two.

Working still, running the house, much I had to do.

Now you’d think this talent would make me supermom,

But that’s not how it works, at everything I’d bomb.

If you have multitasked, you may know what I mean

When there is too much to do, time turns very lean.

I had to make a change, or rest I’d never get

I stopped trying so hard, and now no longer fret.

I still will multitask, but do them one by one.

Now can even enjoy time set aside for fun.

It’s still a bit hard to focus on just one thing

But when I do, yahoo, to peace and calm I cling.

June Nash

One response to “Poem: Multitasking One Thing at a Time”

  1. What a gem! Thanks, and thanks for offering it up as a comment on my wee blog too.


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