Repost Poem: Daylight Savings Time is a Crime

It is once again Dalight Savings Time.
My feelings are the same as they were 6 months ago.
I am reposting the poem that I wrote then.

June Nash

Daylight Savings Crime

Twice per year we change the time.

This law we have seems a crime.

Internal clocks remain same.

Crazy time practice is blame,

Accidents, at work and home.

As muddle brained people roam.

Foggy brain clouds need to clear.

Lets keep same time the whole year .

June Nash

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3 responses to “Repost Poem: Daylight Savings Time is a Crime”

  1. My sentiments exactly!


  2. I adore this poem in so many ways!
    I don’t think it was until I realized that most countries and even some US states don’t “save daylight” that I began to question it. People just seem so used to it, that they never question the insanity. There are some people I know in Northern Europe and northern North America who insist how much sense it makes close to the Arctic circle, to whom I can only say, then stay on the shift year-round. Summer days are longer naturally. Many other people I have met are so confused about it that they think they are saving daylight in the winter, having forgotten what is standard and what is artificial.
    Living in Arizona, I haven’t changed my clocks in nearly twenty years, so delighted for the sanity of this state to not try to save daylight. The natural daily flow from solstice to solstice is such an awesomely beautiful thing that interrupting it seems heinous indeed.
    Sorry for the long rant. Guess you struck a nerve. ;)
    Brava and thank you, June!


    1. gigglinggranny Avatar

      Thanks for you feedback. It is good to know that I am not alone in thinking that “saving daylight” is nutty!


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