Poem: Homeless


freeway exit, hold sign

on side of road, sitting

Hungry Help Me



my heart bleeds, I’m cry’n

conduct torn, head splitting

Hate Being Me



will he buy drugs or wine

from handouts he’s getting

Lazy Drugged He



or stuck in jobless line

against will, unwitting

Homeless Hungry



homeless, helpless, entwine

with shiftless dull witting

Experts Agree



give to shelters that’s fine

but homeless are sitting

Hungry Weary



must to conscience resign

assistance is fitting

Help Out Need Be



when I pass by next time

my lunch I am splitting

Handout Can Be


 June Nash

I get off the freeway leading to my friends house.  I pass the spot where the homeless and hungry gather for handouts.  They have their crates to sit on and signs in their hands.  Usually only one per corner, though I have seen them double up.  My heart bleeds for anyone who has to sit out in the cold, begging.


I hear that begging can be a lucrative business.  If you get a good corner you can make more than at a regular 9 to 5 job.  That may be true.  I won’t dispute that here.  


If they are hurting though, if they really are in need, maybe I can make their life just a little bit better by sharing my food, or donating some loose change.

I donate to soup kitchens and homeless shelters.  Does that mean that I should not help out the person on the street asking for help?  

Some say giving handouts is hurting the recipients.  It teaches them to beg instead of to work.  What if they cannot find work?  


I truly do not know the answer.  If someone else does, please let me know.

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