Poem: Genie


by June Nash


Found a lamp, old and dusty

Rubbed ‘til no longer rusty

Clutching lantern to my breast

Dreamed of wishes it’ll bequest


Money, money loads of it

Hot new clothes with perfect fit

Handsome lover who’ll be true

Perhaps a few fun friends too


To my surprise, wish came true

Jumped for glee, after I knew

Purchased ticket, it had won

Answer to these dreams begun


Draped in gems and coat of fur

A handsome suitor bit lure

What a catch, but all for naught

When noticed I’m fish that’s caught


Money drain with help of friend

Never noticed, all pretend

Now all alone, worse than broke

All new friends went up in smoke


Please old lamp, shiny like new

Tell me what’s a girl to do

Clutching lantern to my breast

Ruing the day of it’s bequest


Genie smoke starting to rise

Figure spoke to my surprise

“Now that fortunes have drained out

Learn what work is all about”

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