Poem: Still Life




Still Life

by June Nash


Four apples sitting by a pear

Draped in light that they seem to wear


With dabs and strokes they come alive

As into painting tubes I dive


Palette lined with colors ready

Grasping brushes with hands steady


Brushing gently in varied hues

Seeking secrets from hidden clues


Getting hungry, but not quite done

Just bitty bite from back, just one


Nobody will see, none will know

In finished painting it won’t show


A bite I took, then two, then three

Could not stop apple munching spree


Three apples sitting by a pear

Draped in light that they seem to wear…


 I’m taking an oil painting class.  I never used oil paints before.  Instead of doing things my normal way, blundering through the process all trials and error, I decided to let someone  guide me.  Point out the tricks of the trade.  

I’m glad I took the class.  I am having so much fun.  I’ve decided I love oil painting!

This painting is actually not done yet.  I still have some finishing touches to apply.  I better hurry, or it will be Two Apples and a Pear.

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