Poem: Thought That Got Away


Thought That Got Away

by June Nash


The old man had a thought today

But like a fish, it got away

He struggled with it in his hands

Wiggling, into the lake it lands


Like a great white bass he once caught

He held in his hands a dear thought

Can’t remember it’s size or weight

It is gone now, now it’s too late


He goes back to his rods and reels

Back to fishing for thoughts he feels

A nibble or two in the brain

Trying to hook that thought again

2 responses to “Poem: Thought That Got Away”

  1. This is so familiarly awesome. Thank you!
    Not only does it describe my inability to grapple ordinary daily thoughts sometimes, but definitely is hauntingly similar to my relationship with ideas for poems, songs, and stories. Fleeting like fish…


    1. gigglinggranny Avatar

      I catch a lot of my thoughts while taking walks or driving my car. I can’t write them down, so they end up flopping around on the ground until they make it back into the sea of oblivion. Once in a while I’m able to hold on to one long enough to get it home, but I seem to lose more than I land.


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