My poem, inspired by Robert Frost’s Good Fences make good neighbors (Mending Wall), and my own neighbor’s fence.


I bought a house upon the shore

Where neighbors dropped by door to door

Then one citizen grew a thorn

That was when the 1st fence was born

From front to back, as high as me

Beyond that point, no longer see

I thought his neighbor must be bad

To make this fence builder so mad

This was the house across the lake

Not a concern for me to take

Until a friend three houses down

Found fence posts popping from the ground

With sympathy I did listen

As her tears down cheeks did glisten

Beyond that fence I could not see

Until this scourge happened to me

I bought a house upon the shore

Where neighbors gathered door to door

No one seems to care except me

Of lost shoreline camaraderie 

One response to “Fences”

  1. June, that’s luvly. Not much of a poetry critic, so I haven’t much else to say. But I liked it.
    Chuck, Larlham

    Liked by 1 person

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