Revised Poem; Paying Bills Again



Paying Bills Again


Mail comes, putting me in funk.

Mostly pile of useless junk.

Buried, drowning, in it’s mass.

Want to toss all in the trash.


At desk, sitting, feeling trapped.

Energy wanes, gumption sapped.

But to plod at desk, I must,

By paying bills, I build trust

June Nash


This is a rewrite of a previously posted poem.  It has been changed drastically, cut down to it’s basics.

I feel this way every month, and it is bill paying time again.

Poem- Paying Bills

 Paying bills.  I do not think anyone enjoys this task.

Paying Bills

It’s time to do bills today.

Can I attempt to do less?

There are tabs, I must, to pay.

How to start I am clueless.

The mail has me in a funk.

I get buried in it’s mass.

I know not which are the junk.

I can’t toss all in the trash.

I would rather be sitting

In the yard getting some sun,

Or busy myself knitting

a new scarf, or hat, for fun.

At my desk, I feel I’m trapped.

As I run, run the numbers,

My energy, it is sapped.

Where’s the money? I wonders.

My bank account it is low.

Will I be able to manage?

Do I pay peter or joe?

Which gives me the advantage

I wait until dates are due,

But can’t wait any longer.

My end to meet, I must glue.

Now, let me sit and ponder.

No!  Just thinking will not do.

I need to take some action.

Distasteful it is, that’s true,

But I need to gain some traction.

So up to my desk, I must,

Start to move my weary bones.

Paying my bills to build trust

Lest reputation atones.

–                     -June Nash