Poem on Walking my Dog

Lexie is my dog.  It took a while for her to adjust to her new home. We had some issues.
I walk her daily.  It is good for both of us!

If you would like to meet my dog Lexie, you can visit her on her site at Meet Lexie the Chihuahua Terrier Mix

Lexie’s Walk 

Lexie, my dog, likes to walk.

We go for one every day.

So I must not stop to talk,

We must proceed on our way.


Other puppies we may meet.

We are ever so anxious.

We sniff not each others feet.

It’s other parts that yank us.


Little kids think she is sweet,

Because of her tiny size.

They wonder if they can meet,

I ask myself, is it wise?


She is very insecure,

Though she is getting better.

Of temperament unsure

When strangers reach to pet her.


Our daily walks keep her sane.

Without them she goes crazy.

And she will drive me insane

If I stay home and be lazy.

–                       June Nash

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