Poem: Speak


if only she could talk

the stories she could tell

after we take our walks

of the scents that she smells


if only she could speak

information derived

as patrolling yard seek

intruders that arrived


if only she could tell

me of the ventures found

the secrets she’d unveil

my precious little hound

 June Nash

Lexie has a system.  She patrols the whole yard before returning indoors.  She finds some spots more interesting than others.  Maybe a rabbit passed by that spot, maybe another dog.  She will lift up her head and smell the scents wafting in from other yards.  As I watch her make her rounds, I wonder.  If she could only speak. . . 

Poem about being Alone

Self Portrait
Digital Self Portrait, using SketchBookExpress


Don’t much enjoy being alone,

Though privacy have need to own.

Prefer others to be around,

If end of day they’re outward bound.


So when eerie clamor of night

Gave need of help to shoo off fright,

Made a visit to local pound,

Giving a home to grateful hound.

June Nash

Poem about a Grand Dog

Grand Dog

Pup come for visit.

Please tell, how is it?

When he came small, cute.

One year, massive brute.

Face huge, jowls dripping.

Squeaky toy ripping.

His face close to mine;

So near, oozing slime.

Friends come, are afraid,

Then on lap head laid.

Sweet, loving grand dog.

But couch he does hog.

June Nash

Do you have a dog?  What type?  Is he a large dog or a small chihuahua?  I have a chihuahua-terrier mix.  I call her a cherrier!  The above dog isn’ t mine, but he is a lovable pup!

Poem: Deserted



Deserted, left all alone.

Locked up, one room, in small zone.

Frightened, lonely, hear a noise.

Let out a yelp, losing poise.


Hear a sound. . . you coming back?

Or a stranger to attack?

Why do you leave me like this?

When you are gone, you I miss!


It’s you!  I’m so excited!

You home, we reunited.

Jumping up and down, I race.

Wagging tail, licking your face!

–                        – June Nash