Poem – Standing up a Friend

I was suppose to meet a friend at a restaurant for breakfast.  Though I didn’t mean to forget, it wasn’t until I received a page that I realized I missed the date.

Standing Up A Friend

Oh no!  Look at the time, I’m late!

Not like me to procrastinate.

Others, for same offense, I sassed.

The chance to be on time has passed.

Finding now I had missed the date,

Asked, could she wait?  No, it’s too late.

Friend was kind, said it is okay.

She laughed as though it was like play,

Wanted not, to burden with guilt.

Hiding the hurt she must have felt

It’s not I wanted not to go.

The fact I missed this gives me woe.

It is important I explain

That it will not happen again

If it does, I am sure to lose,

This a course I choose not to muse,

All good friends I come to cherish.

Lonely life if friendships perish.

Please, one more chance and pardon give.

Punctual life my goal to live.

–                         – June Nash

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