Poem: Sit and Chat

Sit and Chat

by June Nash


Chat chat chat

What’s going on with this and that

Pour some coffee and chew the fat

Seems like hours we talked and sat


Chat chat chat

Must go, say goodbye, tip my hat


Yap yap yap

Enjoy my friends and all that crap

Vigor soaring high as jaws flap

Then exhaustion strikes with a zap


Nap nap nap

Need to go home and take a nap


How do you feel when you get together with your friends?  Energized?  Excited?  I love getting together with my friends.  We energize each other.  So much so that when I get home, I often need to take a nap.

Poem: Birthday Wish

Birthday Wish


My special friend is sixty three.

A year, times three, older than me.

In years he is old,

But like youth lives bold,

As a child, through life, he runs free.


This man he is not an old fart,

Though oft, early mornings, can’t start.

Give him cup of joe,

Then off he will go,

To adventures, following heart.


My special friend is sixty three.

In spirit much younger than me.

Works hard to keep fit,

Both body and wit.

Happy Birthday mon cher ami!

June Nash

Poem about Being Alone


Always alone, but not really.

Feels so, but I’m being silly.

Surrounded always, by close friends,

And family. But me, who tends?


I am the rock, always steady

To give a hand, always ready.

Never cause worry in others

Listen to their problems, druthers.


They say I’m strong, never worry

That I’ll survive.  To me, blurry.

No one there, upon which to lean.

To expect such, is it so mean?


Not mean, such yearning isn’t cruel.

Imposing maybe, changing rule.

Asking for help, not in make up.

Should learn, be something I take up?


Not want to be told what to do

Just a friend to tell troubles to.

Someone, tell me I’m doing it right,

So I can rest peaceful at night.

June Nash

I believe we are all alone, everyone of us.  We all make decisions that affect our lives.  Delegating to others, the decision process, is also our own choice.  A choice I am not willing to take.  I want to be an active participant in my own life.  The price to pay for this, sometimes, is the feeling of being alone in the world.  

I am not alone, but. . . . 

Poem about Coming Home


Out in the world

Are often hurled.


Bring distractions.

Some are unkind,

Other’s bore mind.

Smile when must,

Pretend give trust.

Go home, days end.

Connect with friends.

Happy with kin.

Back in own skin.

June Nash

You venture out into the world.  You deal with people of all sorts.  Some are not easy to deal with.  You put on your best public face and tolerate it.  But. . . when you get home. . . sweet lovely home. . . that is when you can be yourself. . .in your own skin.

Poem about Mom

Best Friends


Best Friend, that would be my mom.

She’d be there, to her I’d glom.

Listening close, felt my pain.

Showed me rainbow, when it’d rain.

All that’s left, a memory.

She, no longer, here for me.


Best Friend to hear my trials.

Set me straight on my denials.

A companion at my meals,

Or assist in making deals.

Need someone to hear me cry.

To my mother, said goodbye.

Best Friend, who knows me so well,

Give me boost, make my head swell.

Love same foods, have same pursuits,

Know same people, have same roots.

Best Friend, wish I had me one.

We’d laugh, cry, it’d be such fun!


Best Friend, dream for children.

As we age, our needs broaden.

One person, can’t fill our need.

Hearts need more than one can feed.

When our time with mother ends,

Void filled with lots of best friends.

–                                   – June Nash