Cooking inspiration found – Poem

I enjoy cooking, but never made soup, from scratch, until now.

After making my pot of soup, I sat down to write this poem.

Cooking inspiration found

When cooking, you are my muse

It is the choices of food that you choose.

That inspires my preparation of stews,

Breads, salads and more.

To your house I was invited to dine

on not quite a seven course meal and wine.

Soup and salad, to end, all was divine.

Toast to you I pour.

Now, my turn, you I invite, taste delight.

Not fancy, plain simple fare served tonight

I never make soups, but yours are just right

Soups, too much labor.

You lead, I follow.  Challenge not I meet.

Soup, easy to cook, easy to eat.  Sweet!

Use this, use that, what ever is left.  Meat,

Vegetables, anything.  An easy feat.

Toast to you I pour.

–                   – June Nash

One response to “Cooking inspiration found – Poem”

  1. I’ll eat your soups any day!


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