Poem: Stress Eating

Stress Eating

In days of yore, long ago,

No place ice cream was to stow.

When stressed a girl had to find

Something else to ease her mind.


Whilst depressed, she had to bake,

Or else shan’t partake in cake.

Ease of freezer use I blame

The excess pounds that I claim.

–                       – June Nash

Poem about Going Out To Eat

The Pub


Lonely, hungry, need to eat.

Tired, depressed, so dam beat.

Eating out again tonight,

Wanting food prepared just right.


Joint is busy,  too much noise.

Rapping music, destroys poise.

Sleazy pub, greasy menu.

Should have found better venue.

The hour, happy, feel better.

Unwind, escape from fetter.

Talking, mingling, watching game.

Staying at home not the same.


Chicken tender, good, spicy.

Check out costs, not too pricy.

Joint is busy, having fun.

Too bad it’s late, have to run.

–                       – June Nash

Poem-Food for Thought-Thoughts for Food

Thoughts for food


Put idea on plate

Don’t swallow yet, just wait.


Does it have eye appeal?

Is it wax fruit or real?

Sniff it, how does it smell?

Rotten?  Then stop… don’t dwell.


Nibble on a small bite.

Does this concept taste right?


Chew upon this notion

Does it stir emotion?


Swallow now, let digest

Then sit and take a rest.


Body begins process

Sorting through jumbled mess.


Mind will digest your thoughts

As you sleep this meal off.

–                       – June Nash

Poem about getting in shape

Desert Dessert


Weight reading  high,

Scale breathes a sigh.

Salad is served,

no sweets deserved.


Friend brings a pie.

Catches my eye.

Getting my plate,

Then stop, say WAIT!


Can’t eat dessert.

desire desert

My clothes don’t fit

I must diet.


Diets don’t work,

They’re just a quirk.

Must change routine

If to be lean.


Walk, run a mile.

Do for a while.

Eat a small bite

Dessert sized right


Clothes fitting right,

Look a good sight.

Still weigh a lot,

But in shape got.

–                  – June Nash

Poem- Dinner Party

I like to have guest come over to dine.  It takes some effort, but I enjoy doing it.

Dinner Party


Early I start my day,

Pick up and put away.

Guest’s are coming hurray

Let’s ready for the soiree


Invited ten to dine

Have enough food, that’s fine

More company than planned.

It’s ok, some will stand.


Chance to mix and mingle

Makes my heart to tingle

That is the reason why

Dinner parties I ply


When crowd is gone I sigh

House again, a pig sty

Tomorrow start my day

Pick up and put away.


A lot of work, friends say,

Tell them to go away.

Maybe one day I may.

Shall enjoy them today.

–                   – June Nash