Lesson in Romance _ A Poem by June Nash

Lesson in Romance


If in the mood for romance,

Take a class and learn to dance.

At least try, give it a chance.


Listen girls, give him your trust.

Follow his lead, it’s a must.

He will earn it, treat you just.


Listen boys, now is your chance,

Your in control, learn the dance.


Remember, she is your girl,

Don’t forget, give her a twirl.


Above all, dancing is fun.

When dancing, be two as one.


It is important to have a connection,

Making moves in same direction.


If he seems to miss a beat,

You shall adjust, you can meet

His rhythm, adjust your feet.


If you give your man the chance,

Trust him, let him lead the dance,

Then you’ll have a great romance.


Gentlemen, listen, to my cheer

She is the star, so make it clear.


When leading her on floor of wood

Show her off, make her look good.


Your job is to make her be seen

As though she’s your princess or queen.


Life and love are much the same.

Learn to dance, you may obtain

A smooth path through lovers lane.

–                  – June Nash

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