Poem: Hiding the Hyde

   Hiding the Hyde

by June Nash


through this life I slide

by hiding the Hyde

that’s my ugly side


Only beauty see

Your the one for me

Your my remedy


I do not reveal

the me that is real

that is how I deal


I know the true you

By the things you do

From my point of view


this face isn’t mine

on a mask you dine

on my own I’m fine


Perfection not seek

Just allow me a peek

Won’t think you a freak


when I lower veil

let you cast your spell

your scorn would be hell


I will see your mind

A heart that is kind

To your faults be blind


but you don’t know me

of what you could see

so go away I plea


Together we’ll slide

My Jekyll, your Hyde

You’re my other side


This poem was inspired by the book Player One, written by Ernest Cline.  My book club is currently reading this book.  I’m half way through, so I don’t know how it all ends.

 The characters meet online as avatars.  They only know each other as the characters they created.  

But isn’t that true of life?  All we really know about each other is what we are willing to reveal.

Poem: Snow White Liar

Snow White Liar

by June Nash


smooth talking man greets lovely lady

she doesn’t care that he seems shady


like sweets on tongue, she eats up his lies

he praises her wit, beauty and eyes


they may be truths, but how does one know

when they’re piled high in drifts like snow


starved for attention, desperate for love

into the snow she drops her white glove


it’s outline she sees, though very dim

like truth in the lies spoken by him


his weak excuses, flakes upon flakes

deep down she knows they’re all lies he makes


with all snow white lies, there comes a day

when truth shows through, lies melt away


from warm sweet spun words ice only felt

watching with sadness, her snowman melt

Poem about Protecting Ones Heart

Shielded Heart


Never knew you were in pain.

You stand so tall, seem so vain.

Couldn’t see protective shield.

Thought selfish airs being wield.

Afraid once more, you’ll get hurt.

Dancing around, friends you skirt.


Never knew you once were teased

Your heart, in vice, often squeezed.

Pretended ‘til you believed,

Heart was whole, danger relieved.

With that shield, no need of sword,

But let it down and weapon is word.

With words can slice to the bone.

Those who would hurt, must atone.

Knowing this, must be certain,

Before open heart’s curtain,

They’ll earn your trust, will be true

Else they won’t get close to you.

–                       – June Nash

Poem about New Love

New Love


When we met, you asked me out.

I said okay, didn’t know what’s about.

Thought you were to be my friend,

No clue as to your view end.


Soon enough I got the clue,

As talks turned to mushy goo.

Possessive, going too fast.

Don’t know if new love will last.


Tempers flare, some oaths are said.

Both of us, Mad, seeing Red!

Disagree, must compromise

Let this not be loves demise.

–                    – June Nash

Lesson in Romance _ A Poem by June Nash

Lesson in Romance


If in the mood for romance,

Take a class and learn to dance.

At least try, give it a chance.


Listen girls, give him your trust.

Follow his lead, it’s a must.

He will earn it, treat you just.


Listen boys, now is your chance,

Your in control, learn the dance.


Remember, she is your girl,

Don’t forget, give her a twirl.


Above all, dancing is fun.

When dancing, be two as one.


It is important to have a connection,

Making moves in same direction.


If he seems to miss a beat,

You shall adjust, you can meet

His rhythm, adjust your feet.


If you give your man the chance,

Trust him, let him lead the dance,

Then you’ll have a great romance.


Gentlemen, listen, to my cheer

She is the star, so make it clear.


When leading her on floor of wood

Show her off, make her look good.


Your job is to make her be seen

As though she’s your princess or queen.


Life and love are much the same.

Learn to dance, you may obtain

A smooth path through lovers lane.

–                  – June Nash