Spring – A Poem by June Nash

Spring came early this year.  It is only March and already temperatures in Michigan are in the upper 70’s.  I was out working in my yard.  When I finished, I sat down with a cup of tea.  I enjoy this beautiful weather!

This picture was taken of the early spring flowers surrounding the birch tree in front of my home by my daughter.



Cleaning up flower bed

Removing old and dead

foliage.  Spring lifts her head.


Sit down, with cup of tea

Natures bliss surround me.

Open senses let be

in touch with nature, free.

Kick off shoes, grass cool, wet.

Smell damp dirt, hear quiet

Songs of insects, then get

A sense of natures profit.


Enjoy first taste of spring,

Watching that which earth bring.

Listen now, the birds sing.

–                – June Nash

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