Poem: Nature’s Concert

Nature’s Concert

by June Nash


Hark, orchestral tone, early morn

Geese adding in a bit of horn

Leaves soft rustle, back drop of song,

Crickets chirp as they sing along

Sun rising higher in the sky

And birds seem to dance as they fly

Rustling crescendo starts to build

Creaking branches begin to yield

Jazzy feel to natures concert

Mama Earth plays without effort

Poem: Walk in the Woods

Walk in the Woods
by June Nash


Listen to the breeze flowing through the trees

Echoes of voices, each with their own pleas

All around dampness, dew, and moldy wood

Dank creaking trees, if they could talk, they would

Moaning groaning feel my pain

Shouts are soft this sad refrain

Aches, agony, hear my plea

Dark woeful cloud surrounds me

Sun breaks out, shining through fluttering leaves

Sparkling rays of hope ‘tween branches it weaves

Wet puddles glitter as the damp tree’s bark shine

Spreading light, seeking to warm earth’s dark spine

Moaning seizes, feel less pained

This sunny day hope has rained

Flowing rainbows I embrace

As smile floods furrowed face

Listen to the breeze flowing through the trees

I walk through bare woods where friends welcome me

Warmth and love sparkling ‘tween fluttering leaves

Vines of calm and peace through branches it weaves

Poem: See the Sea

See the Sea

by the sea, I see

the ocean, it’s free

it’s soothing to souls

as gentle it rolls

as strong winds do blow

more intense the flow


to be like the sea

how I want to be

at life’s punch I’d part

quench the flames ‘fore start

with each ebb and flow

pick up friend, oust foe


do you see the sea?

how flowing and free

so soothing it’s soul

as it plays it’s role

I’m floating along

I’m the sea I’m strong

June Nash

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

Harris’ Hawk

Harris’ Hawks

Silhouetted against darkening sky
Proud raptor perched on branch in tree nearby.
He is not alone on this quiet night,
Harris’ Hawks gather, preparing for flight.
Natural aggressions they put aside
To hunt, together, large prey they had spied.

June Nash

Today’s poem was inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge.  I took this photo in January of this year at the Tucson Arizona Desert Museum.  I wanted to display the photos I took there, but never made the time until I was challenged.  

More photos of these magnificent birds are posted on my web page:  http://www.squidoo.com/harris-hawks

Poem: Autumn Years

Autumn Years

My back, it aches, not a bit.

A lot!  Drives me into fit.

Get up, stretch, it does not help.

Now and then, let out a yelp.

Bad fate, crippled in my prime.

Though Motrin, works most the time.

October trees, whose leaves fall

In spring will get back them all.

In the autumn of my years

Spring won’t come erase my tears.

Thinning hair and achy joints,

Upon my body, life anoints.

These ailments, to name a few,

Not much about this can do.

Take my pills and plug along.

Hoping nothing else goes wrong.

 June Nash

My back is bothering me today.  I am in pain.  I am thinking about the crazy weather we are having.  It is cold one day, and summery the next.  Fall is in the air.  Winter will be here soon.  The trees are already starting to lose their leaves.  When spring time comes, the leaves will come back.  That is not true for people.  The doctors may be able to help.  Correct some of the problems, but. . . spring will never bring new growth for this aging body that is in it’s autumn years.