Poem- Dinner Party

I like to have guest come over to dine.  It takes some effort, but I enjoy doing it.

Dinner Party


Early I start my day,

Pick up and put away.

Guest’s are coming hurray

Let’s ready for the soiree


Invited ten to dine

Have enough food, that’s fine

More company than planned.

It’s ok, some will stand.


Chance to mix and mingle

Makes my heart to tingle

That is the reason why

Dinner parties I ply


When crowd is gone I sigh

House again, a pig sty

Tomorrow start my day

Pick up and put away.


A lot of work, friends say,

Tell them to go away.

Maybe one day I may.

Shall enjoy them today.

–                   – June Nash

One response to “Poem- Dinner Party”

  1. Sounds like someone is quite excited!


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