Poem about needing new clothes

Clothes Closet 

Closet full, nothing to wear,

Don’t care for clothes I see there.

Too big, too small, not my size.

Colors wrong, don’t match my eyes.

Styles have changed, so have I

Shopping go, I need to buy

Pants that stretch, and soft feeling.

Tops, not ones too revealing.

Wash and wear is right for me,

Dry clean and ironing free.

Body changed, attitude new.

Want look nice, but comfort too.

–                          – June Nash

It’s been a while since I’ve shopped for new clothes.  Some, I love, but . . . they just don’t fit!  I am searching for a simpler life.

I want to be able to reach in and grab anything from my closet and know it will not only fit, but look good.  I invited my daughters over to help me.

I have too many clothes, yet not enough.

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