Poem: Black Friday

Black Friday

by June Nash


Well fed, next morn venture out

Along the Black Friday route

To buy gifts that kids don’t need

Buy, buy, to be done with deed


Need to get all the gifts bought

So our nerves will not be fraught

Come Christmas Eve under tree

Merry Christmas, it’s not free


I love to shop!  I will be out stimulating the economy the day after Thanksgiving.  I will not start until Friday.  I do not want to be the cause of people having to work on Thanksgiving.  I understand that some people must work.  Their jobs are essential.   I.e. police, firefighters, nurses, etc.  Retail is not essential.  I prefer to let those poor workers enjoy a day off with their families.  Beside, I plan on enjoying the holiday with my family.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!  Don’t eat too much!

Poem: Styles for Sylphs

Styles for Sylphs

Aging bodies, changing shape

Don’t like the way clothes now drape

Weight has shifted to my waist

Saggy in butt, not my taste


Dressed like old crone not my aim

Mass production is the blame

Store bought trousers, blue jeans too

All are made for select few


You might say they don’t know

The varied shapes women grow

I do not believe that is true

This indifference is not new


Stylers design to impress

Don’t want plump girls in their dress

Market to young pretty sylphs

Not those bodies whose parts shift


Must be why you often see

Older women, much like me

Attired in pants which bag and droop

Or joining the stretch pant group

June Nash

Poem: Out of Clothes, Secret #6

Out of Clothes

Need to shop, she has no clothes.

Out of socks to warm her toes.

Also need some pants and shirts,

Even getting low on skirts.

All empty, drawers and closet.

When she turns, there her clothes set.

Stuffed in hamper, they are squashed,

Dirty, needing to be washed.

June Nash




It was laundry day. I needed to wash some clothes because I didn’t have anything to wear.  I actually thought ‘I don’t own enough clothes’.  I was thinking of going shopping.  I did laundry instead!  LOL!

I guess this is secret number 6.  The secret is, the crazy thoughts that run through my brain.  The thought that I, at least for a moment, could believe buying new clothes would solve my problem.  

There is help though.  Read the related articles below.  I especially like the second one.  Hiring the job out!

Poem about needing new clothes

Clothes Closet 

Closet full, nothing to wear,

Don’t care for clothes I see there.

Too big, too small, not my size.

Colors wrong, don’t match my eyes.

Styles have changed, so have I

Shopping go, I need to buy

Pants that stretch, and soft feeling.

Tops, not ones too revealing.

Wash and wear is right for me,

Dry clean and ironing free.

Body changed, attitude new.

Want look nice, but comfort too.

–                          – June Nash

It’s been a while since I’ve shopped for new clothes.  Some, I love, but . . . they just don’t fit!  I am searching for a simpler life.

I want to be able to reach in and grab anything from my closet and know it will not only fit, but look good.  I invited my daughters over to help me.

I have too many clothes, yet not enough.

Poem, On Shopping Today

I think this poem speaks for itself.  I used to say my hobby was shopping.  It may have cost money, as many hobbies do, but it made me relax and gave me pleasure.   Isn’t that the definition of a hobby?

With the outsourcing that is going on today, I no longer enjoy shopping.  Even browsing to look often makes me depressed.

On Shopping Today

Shopping the malls used to give so much pleasure.

I would shop for hours no matter the weather.

I would walk in the doors all my tensions would ease.

No other occupation to me better please.

Not true today for me I fear

Now to me shopping brings a tear.

Shopping the malls, searching racks, looking for treasure.

To find a bargain, what’s that?  What is your measure?

Products today, your choice,  Mexican or Chinese.

Which will you choose, take your pick, half off, if you please?

Greedy Corporations don’t care.

Profits for them.  Cost ours to bear.

So next time you shop, stop, take a look to be sure

That you check your labels and tags at your leisure.

I don’t mean to scare you, nor comment to displease.

I say this so jobs will not be shipped overseas.

Money is why jobs left our shores.

Only not buying will ensure,

Our products manufacturing we recapture.

Buy products made by us, ones we manufacture.

Price of goods, you fear, you dare say, they may increase.

That is hype, ignorance and infectious disease.

–                                – June Nash