Poem; Balladette about lows and highs




Sometimes lows, they pull me under

Drowning, sinking in tears.

Then in clouds, hear laughter thunder

From depths, releasing fears.

.                          – June Nash

A Balladette.  Just for fun, I thought I’d pick up on the suggestion from the Elopefromharm blog.  He calls this style of poem a balladette.  A style he believes to be originally his own, something he came up with.  He suggested his readers try one.  This is mine.

One response to “Poem; Balladette about lows and highs”

  1. This is brilliant. Hope you enjoyed writing a balladette. Immediately it shows variation in the way that I write them as I always seem to write in iambs. You have created a totally different rhythm which works really well. I’m definitely going to experiment more with them. Thanks for the inspiration.


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