Poem; Balladette about lows and highs




Sometimes lows, they pull me under

Drowning, sinking in tears.

Then in clouds, hear laughter thunder

From depths, releasing fears.

.                          – June Nash

A Balladette.  Just for fun, I thought I’d pick up on the suggestion from the Elopefromharm blog.  He calls this style of poem a balladette.  A style he believes to be originally his own, something he came up with.  He suggested his readers try one.  This is mine.

Poem about Troubled Life


Drowning.  Hardly breathing.

Gasp for breath, am wheezing.

Life is heavy on chest.

Need learn to swim, to rest

On back, floating, drifting.

Waves they splash, face lifting.

Coughing, sputter, flailing

About troubles, wailing.

Think… to sink, be swallowed,

Engulfed in peace, wallowed.

Mustn’t quit, keep afloat.

Looking for that life boat.

Drowning, ocean of tears,

Cried silent over years.

–                    – June Nash